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Lece Mine – Medveda, Republic of Serbia


The ore occurs in a number of epithermal vein-breccia bodies some 2,000m long and 2-50m in width (average of 8-10m). The Šuta-Rasovaca vein-breccia zone trends NNW-SSE (330 degrees) with a dip of 60-70 degrees to the west and has been traced over a distance of over 6,000m, with a typical thickness of 0.3 to 20m.

The Jezerina 1 Vein zone is situated in the north-eastern part of the mine with a general E-W strike and a dip of 82-85 degrees. The vein zone comprises a number of quartz-breccia bodies cut by quartz and sulphide-bearing veins. The ore zone is typically pervasively brecciated showing several generations of fluidized, tectonic and hydraulic fracture breccias accompanying various stages of mineralization.


Towards the eastern end of the Jezerina 1 system the strike swings to ESE and a number of sub-parallel veins are seen on both the hangingwall and footwall sides of the main structure. These sub-vein systems dip both to the north and south forming a number of significant ore shoots. Significant potential remains on these veins and at their intersections with Jezerina 1.