Lifestone Capital is a full-service mining company providing global solutions to clients, governments and financial institutions.

With extensive experience and expertise throughout the Balkan region, Lifestone Capital has an unparalleled network and understanding of operating significant mining assets, pulling together resources, capital, investment and management.

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Combining years of experience within the mining sector gelled with expertise within key fields of geology, engineering, metallurgy, EH&S, finance and capital markets.

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End to End Services

From project evaluation to due diligence to operations. Capital is the engagement of resources from funding to management for the optimal goal of wealth/value creation.

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We have a duty not just to create opportunity for this generation but for the next. By abiding with international regulations and best available technologies, we can safeguard the interests for generations to come.

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Company Services

Keeping environment, health and safety and working practices and standards is not a regulation but a principle. To uphold principles of abiding by International Standards is the testament of sustainability.

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